Sony reveal new performance boosted PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K & HDR

PS4 Pro console chassis with revised DualShock 4 controller

• PlayStation 4 Pro revealed with double-decker form factor
• Has upgraded GPU for improved game performance
• PS4 games can be displayed in 4K and with HDR
• Large 1TB hard drive for storing more games
• Releases 10th November
• Priced £349, $399, €399, ¥44,980

Sony have announced the PlayStation 4 Pro, a premium PS4 that is more powerful with a faster clock speed.

It features an upgraded graphics processor the AMD Radeon 4.2 TFLOPs that delivers over double the performance of the standard PS4. It can display graphics at 4K resolution so more detail can be seen on 4K TVs. Netflix streaming will also be viewable in 4K as well as YouTube and other supported video apps.

It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) so a game’s visuals can be shown with a larger spread of colours and a higher rate of contrast. Additionally, when used on a standard 1080p TV games will receive a performance boost with added graphical effects and higher frame rate [for smoother animation]. It also comes with an extra USB 3.1 port, faster Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and 1TB hard drive, double the storage space of the standard PS4.

PS4 Pro logo
The PlayStation 4 Pro logo

The PS4 Pro’s extra power also delivers a boost to social gaming. For people who like to record their game sessions, footage can be captured at 1080p, the standard PS4 only captures at 720p. Screenshots can be captured at a super-sharp 4K. Games can be streamed at up to 1080p, for this to work optimally Sony recommend a 15Mbps internet connection.

The PS4 Pro comes with the revised DualShock 4 controller. An extra light-bar has been added to the touchpad so that players can see its colour whilst holding it. For competitive gamers who require optimum performance the new DS4 can now send control signals via the USB cable, which is faster than wireless Bluetooth.

The PS4 Pro comes with the revised DualShock 4 controller
The PS4 Pro comes with the revised DualShock 4 controller

The PS4 Pro is an unusual product in the gaming industry as it is not intended to supplant the standard PS4 console and launch a new generation. Rather it is intended to complement it an alternative buying choice for hardcore gamers who demand superior graphical fidelity. In fact Sony have gone to great lengths to underline this, the chassis design maintains the same design language as the original PS4 but adds an extra ‘slab’ seemingly to visually indicate that it is the same but extra.

There will not be any PS4 Pro exclusive games. PS4 games will work on standard and Pro models with games offering extra performance on the PS4 Pro. On the PlayStation Blog Sony write:

Because PS4 Pro and the standard PS4 are members of the same family, both systems will be fully compatible with all past, present, and future PS4 titles, including PlayStation VR. All PS4 games are PS4 Pro games, and vice-versa.

The PS4 Pro will cost £349, $399, €399, ¥44,980, which is the same affordable price that the original PS4 launched at. The PS4 Pro launches the 10th November.