iPhone & Android users can now be friends! Apple is set to bring iMessage to Android

iPhone & Android users can now be friends! Apple is set to bring iMessage to Android
Mock-up of what iMessage could look like on an Android phone

• iMessage is Apple’s messaging app which is exclusive to iOS
• Apple is set to announce at WWDC a version for rival platform Android
• Expanding to Android means a potential reach of millions of new customers
• Will mean easy communication between iPhone and Android users
• Universal messaging will allow Apple to implement person-to person payments

For a long time iPhone and Android purists have argued over which smartphone platform is better, now Apple is extending an olive branch to the customers of its business rival.

At its WWDC conference next week Apple is all set to reveal that Android smartphone owners will soon be able to use Apple’s proprietary iMessage app enabling easy communication with iOS users.

By establishing a common messaging service Apple hope to implement person-to-person payments that everyone has access to.

This is the iMessage icon. iMessage on Android

Currently iMessage is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac. As well as text messages users can send audio, picture and video messages. It uses secure end-to-end encryption meaning nobody or no organisation can intercept messages, not even Apple providing users with peace of mind that their privacy is protected.

iMessage won’t be the first Apple made app on Android. Last November they released their Apple Music app and service providing many Android users with their first taste of Apple software which may lead to Apple hardware purchase.

Bringing iMessage to Android is also part of Apple’s strategy to launch a person-to-person (P2P) payment service which will enable the easy transfer of funds to contacts by sending them a text message. There are currently other P2P services available but their growth has been inhibited because users are subscribed to an assortment of incompatible services. If the majority of the smartphone market is using iMessage then Apple can launch a P2P service that almost anyone can use.

Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote takes place on Monday 13th June at 5.pm BST, 10am PST. A livestream will be available to watch on Apple devices and on Windows 10 PCs via the Edge browser.