Jia Jia is the world’s most lifelike robot

Jia Jia Chinese interactive robot goddess

• Jia Jia is an interactive robot created by USTC University in China
• She has been designed to look and act human
• Has natural looking facial and eye movements and small body movements
• Speech is in sync with her lips
• Can hold basic Siri-style conversations

Jia Jia an interactive robot has been created by the University Science & Technology of China (USTC) in Heifei China.

The special research project by the robot research and development team is led by director Chen Xiaoping. Jia Jia was designed to be a highly human looking robot that can interact naturally with people.

She has the outer appearance of a young Chinese woman with long flowing brown hair wearing a pretty gold dress. Clearly enamoured with Jia Jia, Xiapoing calls her his ‘robot goddess!’

Jia Jia the realistic robot and Chen Xiaoping
Jia Jia the realistic robot and her creator, Chen Xiaoping

She is capable of making minor facial expressions. She can gently nod her head, move her eyes and when she speaks her lips move in synchronisation with her voice. However she cannot make the more exaggerated expressions like a large smile or angry scowl.

Using a microphone Xiaoping asked her pre-scripted questions which she answered. Her programmed responses are limited so conversations don’t get any deeper than what you might have with Siri on an iPhone.

But Chen Xiaping revealed his team are working on improving her. “Jia Jia can not cry or laugh and these are areas to be developed. We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people.”