Apple OS X El Capitan & iOS 9 public betas are available to download now


Apple have just released the public betas for the newest version of the Mac and iPhone operating systems.

Apple OS X El Capitan & iOS 9 public betas are available to download now
The Apple OS X and iOS 9 Beta sign-up page
• iOS is the operating system on iPhones and iPads. OS X is the operating system on Macs.
• Beta software is a pre-release version used to discover bugs & refine the user experience
• iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan are set to be released as a free upgrade in September

Before the yearly update to their mobile and computing operating systems Apple release beta versions to registered developers. This allows developers to make sure their software is compatible with the new version of the OS and they also help Apple by reporting any bugs or software problems which Apple can fix before the official release.

This year Apple are inviting the public to participate in the Beta Software program. Simply go to Beta signup page and register then you will be able to download the iOS 9 beta to your iPhone or iPad or OS X El Capitan to your Mac. As a beta tester you will have access to the latest OS features and updates.

The beta will also install the Feedback Assistant app that appears on the Dock of the Mac and on iOS devices it appears on the second Home screen. You can use it to report any problems or difficulties or bugs that you might have discovered and then Apple use this user feedback to remedy them.

As it is pre-release software remember there can sometimes be catastrophic problems that can kill all your stored data! So if you decide to participate remember to first fully back-up your device.

The final product release of iOS 9 is expected to be in late September just prior to the release of the new iPhone. The final product release of OS X El Capitan may be pushed back until October.