Apple to hold iPhone 6 press event on 9th September

Apple iPhone 6 press event 9th September

Apple will be holding a press event on the 9th September where it is expected they will reveal the new iPhone 6 and possibly debut their wearable watch technology. The date for the press event was first revealed by Recode and has subsequently been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. The 9th is the second Tuesday of the month and follows Apple’s strategy from 2013 in which they revealed the iPhone 5C on the 10th September also the second Tuesday of the month.

The Cupertino, California based company will reveal the latest in their epically successful range of smartphones, the iPhone 6. Leaks and rumours suggest there will be two different models; one with a 4.7-inch screen that is larger than that of the iPhone 5, with a release that is likely to be within two weeks of the event. And another even larger iPhone with a bicep-inducing 5.5-inch model for a release later release, possibly in early 2015.

There has also been much mounting speculation about Apple’s first wearable device, the iWatch. The beta version of the iPhone operating system iOS 8 has a Health app which is thought could be used in conjunction with such a device so this press event would be the the perfect platform to reveal it.

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