Google Home Mini vs Amazon Echo Dot 2 – Review

• Entry level smart speakers from Google and Amazon put to test • Built in are A.I. assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa • Google has...
Moneygram partners with Ripple XRP

Moneygram partners with Ripple XRP – the Bitcoin rival that wants to speed up...

• Moneygram will run a trial of Ripple's XRP payment technology • XRP allows cross-border payments to be made quicker and cheaper • Monegram stock up...
Gigabyte Aero 15 review by The Handy Tips Guidevideo

Gigabyte Aero 15 review – is this a Dell XPS 15 killer?

The Gigabyte Aero 15 is a new breed of laptop that promises to deliver powerful processing and hardcore graphics in a slim and light...

Welcome to The Handy Tips Guide!

• Welcome! Welcome to the Handy Tips Guide's video mission statement. Tech and gadget reviews as well as future science news.

Super Nintendo Classic Mini – What is it? Unboxing, History and Review

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini is the brilliant micro-console remake of the original SNES. Complete with 21 games. Watch as I unbox it, talk...

Is Siri sick? When asked to set the alarm Apple’s digital assistant has emotional...

I’m worried about Siri. She doesn’t seem to be her usual semi-helpful self. I asked her to set an alarm and she went crazy and...
PS4 Pro console chassis with revised DualShock 4 controller

Sony reveal new performance boosted PlayStation 4 Pro with 4K & HDR

• PlayStation 4 Pro revealed with double-decker form factor • Has upgraded GPU for improved game performance • PS4 games can be displayed in 4K and with HDR •...
PS Now on Windows PC - Play PlayStation without a PlayStation

Play PlayStation without a PlayStation!

• PlayStation Now is a Netflix-style video game subscription service • Allows streaming of a select library of PS3 games • Previously only available on PlayStation consoles and some smart TVs • Now available...
Can office lights make you age quicker?

Can office lights make you age quicker?

• A 48-week study of mice found that artificial light prematurely ages them • The light disrupts the body's natural day/night rhythm cycle • Mice experienced muscle-weakness and bone-density loss • Has implications...
Jesus VR - Now Christians can meet Jesus in THIS life - Autumn VR - Jesus VR The Story of Christ. Jesus VR viewed with Virtual Reality glasses

Jesus VR – Now Christians can meet Jesus in THIS life

• Jesus VR is an interactive film that depicts the last days of Christ • It has been filmed with 360-degree 4K cameras • Viewers will be able to...
'Bulimia machine' A CGI image of the AspireAssist by Aspire Bariatrics

‘Bulimia machine’ helps you lose weight whilst you eat

• The AspireAssist is a weight loss device for the clinically obese • A tube is surgically connected from the stomach to an exit hole on the...
iPhone & Android users can now be friends! Apple is set to bring iMessage to Android

iPhone & Android users can now be friends! Apple is set to bring iMessage...

Mock-up of what iMessage could look like on an Android phone • iMessage is Apple's messaging app which is exclusive to iOS • Apple is set to announce at...
Jia Jia Chinese interactive robot goddess

Jia Jia is the world’s most lifelike robot

• Jia Jia is an interactive robot created by USTC University in China • She has been designed to look and act human • Has natural looking facial and...
Volocopter VC200 - drone big enough to fly people

Volocopter the drone big enough to fly people & is set to revolutionise travel

• Volocopter prototype is a drone large enough to carry two people • Manufacturer e-volo claim it marks "a new era in urban mobility" • Simplified joystick controls...
Apple reveal new iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Apple reveal new iPad Pro 9.7″

• Apple reveal brand new iPad Pro 9.7" model • Advanced 64-bit A9X processor chip makes it more powerful than Xbox 360 • 12 megapixel camera for still photos...



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